perverse, pervert, perverted
1. Perverse and perverted, both derived from the Latin root pervertere ‘to turn away’ (from what is normal or correct), are easily confused. Perverse means ‘stubbornly unreasonable’ (usually of actions or circumstances but also of people):

• Amazingly, perversely, and rather to her regret (a flat battery would have been a cast-iron excuse to abort the visit) the engine fired —David Lodge, 1988.

• It would be perverse of him not to be pleased, but Matthiesson feels the plaudits are often misplaced —Sunday Herald, 2002.

Perverted means ‘departing from right opinion or conduct’ and is commonly used with reference to abnormal or deviant sexual behaviour:

• I've seen blokes in hot countries go clean round the oojar because of the perverted practices of native women —Brian Aldiss, 1971.

2. Pervert is pronounced with the stress on the first syllable as a noun (= a person who is sexually perverted) and with the stress on the second syllable as a verb (= to corrupt, lead astray).

Modern English usage. 2014.

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